Lasting Impression!

Each and every one of our patients touches our hearts as Veterinary professionals, but every once in a while a certain animal leaves a lasting impression.

Jake was a lovely Husky mix that we first met in 2017. It was quickly apparent that love knew no bounds with Jake – he was happy to meet everyone! Sadly, in the summer of 2018, he was diagnosed with an aggressive illness that threatened to take his mobility and quality of life. Jake dealt with this like everything else in life – with dignity, honor, and love.

We’re honored to carry on his legacy and via a generous gift in his name, we’ve been able to help other pets in need of a hand up living with life-limiting conditions.

“Jack” – Loyal and Gentle

Jack is a beautiful, kind soul who lives every moment to the fullest. She is extremely devoted to her people and canine family, and we can feel the bond that they all share. Jack has been living with cancer since 2011, and her wonderful people have been exhausting every resource to keep her happy and healthy. Jake’s family has generously helped with Jack’s treatments – she recently celebrated her 14th birthday!

“Rocky” – Dignified and Kind

Rocky is a champion show dog, and has won many distinctions due to his stable and loyal temperament. He has many ailments that he suffers from due to age, and his lovely owner is very diligent in making sure he’s comfortable and happy. Jake’s family has contributed very appreciated help towards keeping Rocky healthy, and staying where he belongs – by his owner’s side.

“Arthur” – Inquisitive and Loving

Arthur is a very loved, easy-going cat that we have the pleasure of seeing on a regular basis, with the rest of his large family. He lives with four other amazing kitties, and all are very well cared for by their people. Arthur has needed frequent visits to keep his 19 year-old self active and happy. He’s grateful for the financial help to keep his systems up and running!